Cassini scientist for 1 day (2017) – RESULTS

Congratulations to these candidates !

Three students or student teams applied for the Belgian edition of the “Cassini scientist for one day” competition. All three of them are from a different age group. All three of them have submitted a high quality contribution. Therefore, all of them are considered as winning entries!

These students will recieve their prize in June 2017 at school, handed over by ESERO Belgium. They get some feeback on their work, thanks to 2 professional space scientist from the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (Johand De Keyser & Ariana Piccialli).

Read the conclusions of the Belgian competition and the scientists feedback:

20170505 Cassini Scientist for a day Belgian Competition conclusions

Read the essays that were submitted by the students:

Anirudhh_Ramesh_14_ Jakub_Filcak_15_TitansLakes

Ohiggins_Rose_8_ plumes_of_Enceladus



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