Posters of performed ASGARD VI experiments (2016)

All student teams were asked to present their experiment and report the results in a ‘scientific poster’ in English. Posters that are submitted, can be watched here:

Koninklijk Atheneum Etterbeek: study the forces on the balloon:


Download the poster about balloon dynamics in pdf.

Koninklijk Atheneum Zottegem: Blood in space:


Download the poster about blood in space in pdf.

Stedelijk Humaniora Dilsen: Space heading Deezers:


Download the poster about space heading deezers in pdf.

Collège Saint-Michel Etterbeek: Living water:

20160531-St-Michel-Etterbeek-living-waterDownload the poster about living water in pdf.

Koninklijk Atheneum Zottegem: UV:

20160531-KA-Zottegem-UVDownload the poster about UV in pdf.

Sint-Pieterscollege Jette: orientation of Gamma rays:


Download the poster about gamma rays in pdf.

Colegio Retamar Madrid: Detecting muons:


Download the poster about muon detection in pdf.

Lyceo Sabin Bologna: Energy in space:


Download the poster about Energy in Space in pdf.

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